Poterie Serghini: A Family Legacy and Craftsmanship Passed Down Through Generations

The tradition of pottery in Morocco dates back centuries and remains an important symbol of the country’s cultural heritage. Among the iconic families who have preserved and enriched this legacy, the Serghini family holds a special place. For over 190 years, the Serghini family has dedicated themselves to the art of pottery, becoming a benchmark in the field.

Eight Generations of Expertise

The journey of Poterie Serghini began eight generations ago with Mohammed El Serghini, who discovered his passion for ceramics in Fez. Since then, each generation has contributed to the evolution of the business, moving from creating utilitarian objects to innovating in decorative art. Based in Safi, a Moroccan coastal city renowned for its pottery, Poterie Serghini has skillfully adapted to changing times while preserving the authenticity of its creations.

Over time, Poterie Serghini has masterfully blended tradition with modernity. The introduction of new techniques and styles, while remaining faithful to traditional methods, has allowed the business to stand out. Each generation has added a personal touch, innovating in ceramic art.

The international recognition of the brand was cemented by the inclusion of some Serghini works in the British Museum. This recognition highlights the excellence and quality of our artisans’ work in ceramic art, marking a significant contribution to culture and human history.

Preserving Moroccan Craftsmanship

Poterie Serghini’s commitment to excellence is evident, not only in the superior quality of our products but also in our dedication to training and inspiring new generations of artisans. This transfer of knowledge, passed down from father to son, goes beyond traditional techniques, including specific training and mentoring examples to preserve a rich cultural heritage. Thus, Poterie Serghini positions itself as a guardian of Moroccan craftsmanship through the ages.

At the heart of its approach, the Serghini family places great importance on ethical trade, including practices such as fair compensation for artisans and sustainable methods. By supporting Poterie Serghini, customers contribute to preserving ancestral know-how and the well-being of local artisans.

Each piece created at Poterie Serghini is the result of meticulous work, carrying the personal history and deep emotions of each artisan. Behind every shape, color, and texture, there’s a story, a slice of the artisan’s life, expressing their worldview through their art. Whether pieces are forged using pure artisanal techniques, respecting age-old traditions, or innovative creations boldly mixing styles and materials, each object is unique. It captures a timeless moment, an indelible imprint of manual labor, testifying to the mastery and creativity of the artisan. The works of Poterie Serghini are not just decorative objects; they are bridges between the past and present, guardians of Moroccan cultural history.

Discover Poterie Serghini

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