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Our manufacturing times vary depending on the complexity of the product and the quantities requested. They are very different from the times observed in the industry as we exclusively make 100% handmade products. They generally vary between two weeks and three months.

Yes. Our 100% handmade process allows us countless customization possibilities. We can thus create new things according to your needs as we can offer you novelties that are not yet in our catalogs (depending on the quantities requested).

Yes. We have a wide choice of colors that we constantly renew according to trends, whether in matte or glossy shades.

Yes. We export a lot abroad, especially to countries with very strict regulations at this level, such as the United States. We can also assist you in having samples tested at international laboratories.

Yes. We consider our clients as true long-term partners. That is why we assist them in building their collections and renewing them by always offering them novelties.

Yes. We are mainly focused on export. In this sense, we have exported our creations to the four corners of the World: EU, USA, England, Middle East, West Africa, Philippines, Korea, China, Australia… We have great expertise in reinforced packaging of pottery intended for export. We operate in Ex-Works by assisting our clients in choosing the best transport options and the right service providers to carry out their administrative formalities in Morocco.

Yes, except for pottery containing gold which must not be used in a microwave!

Yes, at a low temperature (40° maximum). But it is preferable to let them air dry once out of the dishwasher (preferably out of the shade). For long-lasting conservation of your potteries, it is preferable to wash them by hand.

As an individual, we invite you to visit our showroom-boutique in Casablanca where you can either buy creations available on-site or order others.