Nestled in a legacy spanning nearly two centuries, Maison Poterie Serghini stands as a beacon of timeless values and unparalleled excellence. This venerable house, weaving a tapestry of ancestral skills across eight generations, radiates a passion and patience that breathes life into every piece crafted with love. Poterie Serghini, however, is not content to merely bask in its storied past; it boldly embraces creativity and innovation, perpetually venturing into new realms of artistic expression. At the heart of Maison Poterie Serghini lies a culture of communal spirit — a place where every team member plays a vital role in the enchantment of pottery, and where clients are more than customers, they are cherished partners, sharing in the delight of owning an artifact both unique and treasured.


Poterie Serghini is a timeless enterprise driven by the constant pursuit of reinvention, ensuring the seamless passage of knowledge from one generation to the next. With a keen awareness of the challenges that lie ahead, we are firmly embracing the realms of digital innovation and design. Our unwavering dedication is to prepare the ground for the upcoming generation, one that embodies modernity in its approach to management while remaining deeply rooted in our rich history and the legacy of its predecessors…