As ambassadors across different eras of exceptional craftsmanship, the artisans at Poterie Serghini have sustained Moroccan ceramic art for eight generations. Their artistry, recognized as a part of the world's heritage, found its place in the prestigious British Museum, representing human history and culture. The story of Poterie Serghini is a legacy spanning over 190 years, showcasing artisanal creations deeply rooted in Moroccan traditions, yet constantly evolving on the paths of innovative design.

1832 – 1900
1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generations

The story of Poterie Serghini began in 1832 in Fez, when Mohammed Serghini (1st generation) developed a fascination for ceramics and made it his profession. This fascination was passed down to his son Moulay Idriss (2nd generation) and grandson Moulay Tahar (3rd generation). In an era where ceramics were still a dominant part of daily life, they focused on crafting tableware and earthenware tiles.

1900 – 1940
4th and 5th Generations

Towards the end of the 19th century, as interest in handmade ceramics declined in favor of industrial products, Master Moulay M’hamed Serghini (4th generation) embraced the emerging trend of more decorative pottery. He chose to leave Fez to join the burgeoning movement in Safi, renowned for its famous hill of potters.

The 5th generation, led by Master Moulay Taher Serghini, was marked by the first technical influences from Europe. Master Moulay Taher's collections, branded "Abda," gracefully integrated traditional craftsmanship with new trends catering to modern tastes, notably in polychrome techniques.

1940 – 1966
6th Generation

A student of the highly esteemed Master Lamali, Master Haj Mohamed Serghini (6th generation), an educated, methodical, and creative man, became a renowned ceramist in the region from a young age. He was the first artisan from Maison Serghini to exhibit abroad (France, 1947).

1966 – 2002
7th Generation

From 1966, amid an economic crisis that caused the closure of many potteries due to lack of succession, Master Moulay Ahmed Serghini (7th generation) skillfully took the helm. He preserved traditions, created new trends, trained thousands of artisans, and exported his expertise around the world. He elevated Moroccan pottery to the status of cultural heritage, including its integration into several museums, notably the prestigious British Museum for human history and culture. His journey was marked by a rich imagination and extraordinary talent, earning him numerous international awards.

2002 – aujourd'hui
8th Generation

Raised with an appreciation for beauty and a discerning eye, the 8th generation stepped in from 2002 to meet the challenges of the new millennium. Younes Serghini, trained in Limoges and named the best artisan in Morocco in 2016, and Aziza Serghini, a marketing graduate with a passion for art-deco, joined Maison Poterie Serghini. They revitalized the catalog, expanded market opportunities, modernized management, and are preparing, in line with the family's tradition, for the 9th generation...